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Products & Services

The following is a partial list and description of the many hardware products, supplies, tools and other related items and services provided at Triangle Hardware.

If you have any questions or need a special item ordered, don’t hesitate to call us at 863-385-2516. We provide knowledgeable service and will help you in any way we can.

A/C Air Filters

Triangle Hardware stocks all styles and sizes of A/C Air Filters. We can also custom order any size you need. We are an authorized dealer for top rated Precisionaire Air Filters.

BBQ Grills

Triangle Hardware is an authorized dealer for three popular lines of Barbeque Grills. We carry different sizes and styles of grills. The three brands of grill we stock are:

•    Traeger Grills – wood pellets
•    Holland Grills – propane
•    Blackstone – propane


We sell hundreds of unique bearings and housings. This includes:

•    Flange Bearings
•    Pillow Block Bearings
•    Individual Bearings


We sell different types of Chain by the foot. This includes:

•    Galvanized Chain
•    Grade 70 Chain (approved by the DOT)
•    High Test Chain – up to 5/8 inch
•    Plated Chain
•    All Types of Hooks

Chain Link Fencing

Triangle Hardware stocks all types of Chain Link Fencing material. This includes:

•    Chain Link Fencing
•    Aluminum Ties
•    Carriage Bolts
•    Dome Caps
•    Gates
•    Latches
•    Posts
•    Rail Ends
•    Top Rail
•    Miscellaneous Fittings


Triangle Hardware stocks a wide range of electrical supplies. This includes:

•    Breakers
•    Conduit
•    Electrical Outlets
•    Fuses
•    Outlet Boxes
•    Phone Cables
•    Switches
•    TV Connectors
•    Weatherproof Boxes
•    Wire – sold by the foot
•    Wire Nuts

Keys - Home and Auto

At Triangle Hardware, we make all kinds of replacement keys. This includes keys for:

  • Home and Work
  • Auto Door Keys
  • Auto Ignition Keys
  • High Tech Transponder Keys

Bring us your old key, and we’ll make you a new duplicate key in a matter of minutes. We also sell all types of key chains, key rings and accessories.

Hand Tools

We stock a large selection of mainly American Made hand tools by the world’s most durable too manufacturers like Stanley® and others. This includes:

•    Fence Cutters
•    Hammers
•    Piers
•    Saws
•    Screwdrivers
•    Tape Measures
•    Wrenches

And much more. We’ve to the right tool for the job.


At Triangle Hardware, we sell specialty Hoses by the foot. This includes:

•    Agriculture Spray Hose
•    Air Line Hose
•    Discharge Hose
•    Suction Hose

Welding Supplies

We sell Oxygen and Acetylene for cutting. And we sell mixed gas for welding. In addition, we sell Helium.

Lawn & Garden

Triangle Hardware carries a wide assortment of lawn and garden tools and supplies. This includes:

•    Lawn and Garden Tools – everything from Hand Spades to 8 Foot Posthole Diggers, Axes, Rakes, Shovels, Pump Up Sprayers and much more.
•    Garden Hoses and Hose Nozzles
•    Garden Hats & Work Gloves

Nails & Fasteners

At Triangle Hardware, we’re one of the last places in America where you can come in and buy the exact quantity of nails you need by weighing them.

Whether you need a quarter pound of nails, a pound or more, you can pour the number of nails you need in a bag, weigh them and check out. We save customers money by maintaining this long time tradition of allowing our customers to buy the exact quantities they need.

And in addition to nails, we also stock all types of staples and fasteners including:

•    Concrete Floor Anchors
•    Drywall Anchors – for Picture Hanging
•    Hollow Wall Anchors
•    Anchors for Hurricane Protection

Nuts & Bolts / Screws

We stock a complete line of Nuts & Bolts, Screws and Anchors. This includes:

•    Drywall Screws – coarse and fine
•    Deck Screws – galvanized and stainless steel
•    Envirodeck Screws – for decks
•    Lag Screws
•    Sheet Metal Screws
•    Self Drilling Screws
•    Stainless Steel Screws
•    Type F Screws
•    Wood Screws
•    Stainless Steel Bolts – up to 3/4 inch diameter
•    Regular Zinc Bolts – up to 1 1/4 inch diameter
•    Grade 5 and Grade 8 Bolts – coarse and fine
•    Carriage Bolts
•    Toggle Bolts
•    Sleeve Anchors
•    Wedge Anchors

And more. At Triangle Hardware, we sell individual nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners – which means you don’t have to buy an entire pack. You can buy the exact number of nuts and bolts you need, just one if you want. Other places make you buy pre-packaged items, which means you end up wasting money and buying more than you need.

Plumbing – Pipe and Fittings

Triangle Hardware stocks a full line of plumbing pipe, fittings and supplies for general plumbing, toilets, sinks, hot water heaters and new construction. This includes:

  • PVC and CPVC Pipe
  • PVC Fittings – up to 8 inches
  • Black Iron Fittings – up to 2 inches
  • Galvanized Fittings – up to 4 inches
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Stainless Steel Fittings – up to 2 inches


We have a Rope Center where we sell Rope by the foot. The different types of rope we carry includes:

  • Nylon Rope – twisted and braided
  • Manila Rope
  • Sisal Rope

We also sell Bungee Cord by the foot.


Triangle Hardware sells a wide range of steel for all types of commercial uses and construction needs. This includes steel used to build trailers, gas lines, galvanized water lines, stair railings and more.

The types of steel we sell includes:

  • Angle Iron
  • Black Pipe
  • Channel
  • Flat Bar
  • Galvanized Pipe

We also cut and thread pipe up to 4 inches.

Sprinklers / Irrigation Systems

Triangle Hardware is an authorized dealer for three quality lines of Sprinklers. This includes sprinklers made by:

  • Nelson
  • Hunter
  • Microjet

We also sell all essential sprinkler heads and fittings. In addition, we stock the Poly pipes and PVC pipes.

Trailer Supplies

We stock a large selection of quality Trailer Supplies for all your trailer pulling needs. This includes:

  • Draw-Tite Receivers
  • Boat Winches
  • Gooseneck Balls
  • Trailer Balls
  • Trailer Lights

Wire Rope

Triangle Hardware sells:

  • Steel Cable (or Aircraft Cable) – galvanized and stainless, 7 X 19 construction
  • Cable Clamps
  • Hooks
  • Pulleys
  • Associated Items for Boat Winches, Boat Lifts and Drag Lines

Miscellaneous A to Z

Remember, if you don’t see the exact item you’re looking for on our shelves, we can special order and get whatever you need quickly. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Triangle Hardware carries thousands of items. It’s impossible to list them all. The following is a brief list of just some of the other unique products we offer:

  • Agricultural Lift Pins – for lawnmower hitching and devices, all sizes
  • Cam Lock Fittings – for fuel transfer, septic trucks, quick connects for pumps, aluminum and polypropylene, up to 4 inches. We can order larger sizes.
  • Cast Iron Skillets – made by Lodge™
  • Cleaning Supplies – dozens of top names for all types of cleaning needs. Everything from dish soap to specialized cleaners, driveway cleaners.
  • Culvert – metal pipes for drainage, 15 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch. We can order other sizes.
  • Drill Bits, Taps and Dies
  • Hardware Cloth – galvanized, weather-resistant cloth, multi-purpose
  • Insecticides – for Indoor and Outdoor use, many top brands in stock
  • Ladders – step ladders, different sizes available
  • Locks – a large selection of sizes and styles for different uses. We sell Master Lock®.
  • Mail Boxes – various styles available
  • Milton Air Fittings – quick connect fittings for hoses, and air gauges
  • Minwax – wood finishing center
  • Paint Brushes – many sizes and styles
  • Power Tools and Accessories – we carry a select inventory of power tools including saws and drills. We also sell all types of Saw Blades, Jigsaw Blades, Masonry Blades, Steel Cut Off Blades and more.
  • Pumps – Goulds Pumps for house pump and irrigation pump needs.
  • Roller Chain & Sprockets – commercial applications (No bicycle, No motorcycle chains)
  • Rust-Oleum Paint – spray, quarts and gallons. We also sell BLP Mobile Paints, a commercial grade rust inhibitor paint.
  • Sealants, Lubricants and Adhesives – We stock many top name brands.
  • Water Coolers and Ice Chests – by Igloo®

And much more.


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